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Delivery Information:

***Delivery price is £3 anywhere in Lerwick, (Please ask for a prices for other destinations-Shetland only). No shipping outside Shetland Islands.

***We are offering express delivery service which will take between 10- 60 min (Lerwick). Please get in touch for prices of other destinations or check the price list on the home page.

***Payments by card over the phone. Please submit your order online or via app. Provide the correct personal details, name, address. After we received your order we will call or email you to make adjustments and take a payment. 

*** Orders will be taken Monday to Saturday, 10am -2pm, 3.30pm-8.30pm. There will be no deliveries of alcohol before 10am or after 10pm. (The shop will be open Mon. - Fri. 9.30am-2pm, 3.30pm-9pm. Sat. 12noon - 9.00pm and CLOSED on Sundays).

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